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Thinking about getting married in Fiji? With over 40 years experience, our designated Fiji wedding planners can organise the Fiji wedding and honeymoon you have always dreamed about.

Because we are independent we build your wedding or honeymoon around what you want, rather than what’s on offer. Whether you seek an intimate wedding for just the two of you or a small group get together, or a huge party, we will listen to your desires, and meet them perfectly.

The Fiji Islands are the most romantic place on earth.  It’s a paradise of warm waters and topical perfume.  What a perfect setting for a wedding.  Whether you seek an intimate wedding or a huge party, we will listen to your desires and create the wedding experience you dream of.  You can be married on the beach or in one of Fiji’s intimate chapels.  You can stay at a 5 star resort or charter a whole island.

The Fijian culture is warm and welcoming.  The people love celebrations so they do everything they can to make your wedding and honeymoon memorable. All you need to decide is what type of wedding you prefer – quiet and intimate or large and joyous.

At Fiji Island Tours our experience in organising weddings and honeymoons will ensure that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. We take the stress out of wedding planning.


The legal requirements of a Fiji wedding

A Fijian wedding is legally binding and recognised. To get married in Fiji there are several things that you do need to know.

You will need:

  • A valid copy of your birth certificates and your valid passports.
  • If divorced, then you will require a copy of the decree of nisi
  • If the bride or groom is under 21 then a written consent from parents or guardian is also required.
  • Check with us to ensure there is nothing else you need to take with you.

Once you have registered you are able to go ahead with your wedding ceremony. Many of the hotels and resorts will help you with the registration process and take you into the office to do so.

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Getting married in Fiji?

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Fiji wedding inspiration

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