Thing to do at Malolo Resort

The resort has a daily-changing schedule of activities, including complimentary non-motorised watersports such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and wind surfing, plus complimentary snorkelling equipment. In addition, there is a myriad of land and sea tours and activities available in and around the surrounding Mamanuca Islands. Kids are not forgotten with a free kids club (4-12yrs) with plenty of fun and games to keep them busy and entertained. Or why not just sit back and relax around the pools. Choose from either the family pool or the adults-only pool with a swim-up bar and al fresco pool deck lounge with daybed cabanas.

Snorkelling & Diving

A short boat ride away and just below the surface is another world. A world of vivid turquoise waters, abundant with beautiful hard and soft corals, teeming with an amazing variety of colourful reef fish. Choose a relaxing dive in the calm inner reef waters or explore the deeper ocean side Mamanuca barrier reef where dolphins, manta rays, turtles and large pelagic fish are your dive companions.

For certified divers, the resort staff will take you to a choice of 44 dive sites in the Mamanuca Islands. Expect to see caves, pinnacles, walls, a crashed B26 Bomber from WW2, a ship wreck and experience the shark encounter dive at the world- famous ‘Supermarket’dive site. Add in an abundance of tropical fish, large pelagic fish, and the colourful soft corals that Fiji is famous for and you will want to keep exploring these magnificent reefs. Dive trips depart daily.

MALOLO REEF : The resort is surrounded by a beautiful and fragile coral reef eco system that is a protected marine sanctuary. While the ocean around Malolo Island is safe to swim and have fun in, please be aware that coral takes decades to grow (on average one to five centimetres a year) and only seconds to be damaged by stepping on it or brushing it with your flippers.

AQUATIC LIFE AT MALOLO REEFThe fringing reefs at Malolo are ideal for snorkelling and many hours can be spent exploring and observing a myriad of aquatic life. Some of the fish you may well see can be found here in the Malolo Fish Identification Chart.Whilst swimming, snorkelling or diving, you will see a myriad of marine life including the occasional friendly reef shark. These are mostly less than 90cm (3 ft) long and are harmless. They will be more afraid of you than you are of them and generally swim well below your deepest diving depth.Small stingrays occasionally venture into the lagoon and it is wise to tread carefully if wading in the shallows.Scorpion fish, stone fish and Lion fish are also sometimes found on shallow reef as are cone shells and fire coral. The banded Sea Krait sea snake is common around Malolo Island. They are extremely venomous but docile and non- aggressive animals. If you discover one, watch from a distance or move away calmly.Small patches of tiny jellyfish are also found around the reef at certain times of the year. They are often mistakenly referred to as sea lice and while they may give pin-prick stings they are not dangerous.

TURTLE BREEDING GROUNDS : The waters around Malolo Island are a designated turtle breeding ground and at certain times of the year you will see evidence of turtle activity in the sand and certainly may spot these majestic creatures swimming in the lagoon.

CORAL REEFS : The islands of the Mamanucas are rich with coral reefs and a vast variety of amazing tropical fish. Malolo Island is surrounded by a fringing coral reef making snorkelling ideal. If you want to venture further a field and explore other snorkel sites, daily trips to various sites nearby are available and sometimes you may even end up in an undiscovered part of the islands, seeing amazing marine life for the first time.

DIVE CENTRE : The resort’s Dive Centre is operated by Subsurface Fiji, a PADI 5 Star IDC.


Within the immediate area surrounding Malolo Island, there is a marine reserve and fishing is strictly forbidden. However, they do offer a variety of fishing excursions to areas where keen anglers can troll for Tuna or perhaps a Giant Trevally. Also, Dog Tooth Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Rainbow Runner, Barracuda, Coral Trout, Scad and Billfish are just some of the fish that swim the local waters. In line with the resort’s Sustainable Tourism Policy they do not actively fish for Marlin or Sail Fish. In the event that one is caught it is the resort’s Policy to “catch and release”.

Walking Trails

There are several walking trails varying in length and difficulty from the resort. The  walks currently include Jona’s Lookout with magnificent views over the resort and island waters, the Ridge Track to Naroba Point and also Mangrove Walk.

Village Trip

Here you will experience how the indigenous land owners live at the local villages of Yaro and Solevu by taking the “Shell Village Tour”. Solevu is also the home of the Paramount Chief of the Mamanuca Islands. Or why not experience a traditional Fijian church service available to guests each Sunday. Fiji is a multi-religious country represented by all major religions. The majority of Fijians are Christians and on Malolo Island there is a Methodist service each Sunday at Yaro Village where the highlight is to experience the exquisite voices of the local Fijian choir.

Island Hopping

Often the best time to be on the water is in the early morning before the wind picks up and it is certainly the best time for an early morning island hopping trip. An island hopping tour takes you past Castaway Island, Mana Island, Matamanoa Island and finally MonuRiki Island where you can stop for a swim, snorkel and walk along the beach. MonuRiki Island is one of the most stunningly beautiful islands in the Mamanucas and is where the famous “Cast Away” movie with Tom Hanks was filmed. The trip then heads north around Monu Island, west round the top of Yanuya Island, past Tokoriki Island before turning south for the return trip past Tavua Island and finally stopping at Mana Sand Bank for another swim and snorkel, before heading back for a late breakfast at the resort.

Sunset Cruises

Malolo is referred to by the local Fijians as “Na Siga e dromu I Malolo”. Translated this means “That place where the sun comes to rest.” The sunsets in and around Malolo can be quite magnificent and what better way to enjoy the scene than from one of the sunset cruises whilst sipping a glass of sparkling wine, enjoying Chef’s canapés and listening to the sounds of one of our Malolo serenaders as you sail around the island.

Mana Sandbank Picnic

A very special activity but unfortunately one that isn’t always available due to tides and prevailing weather conditions, is a Picnic Lunch to Mana Sandbank. Mana Sandbank is only accessible at mid to high tide and is a new island in the making. The surrounding waters are pristine and clear and there is great swimming and snorkelling. The activities team will set you up with umbrellas for shade and your picnic lunch. Please note that Malolo Resort does not have exclusive use of this sandbank.


Close to the Resort are some of the world’s most famous surf breaks found along the southern part of the Malolo Barrier Reef. Surf tours to Cloudbreak (home to the Fiji Pro annual surfing championships), Wilkes Passage, Desperation and Restaurants are available. Information about Fiji surfing holidays »

Cultural Ceremonies

The Meke (traditional dance) is performed every Saturday night by members of the resort staff. Here you will see and learn about local traditions and stories through dance and song. This is followed by dinner which is a combination of the traditional Lovo food (earth oven cooking) and South Pacific BBQ buffet.

The drinking of Kava is an important Fijian tradition. On Tuesday evenings, join the activities team for a traditional Kava ceremony on the pool lawns. Learn about the origins of Kava, the plant and its attributes and the protocols surrounding the ceremony itself.