Fiji adventure holidays and things to do.

If you’re not the type to spend your holiday relaxing in a hammock, at the resort spa or lazing by the pool but prefer something a little more adventurous then we have put together the definitive list of awesome Fiji things to do. Our list includes activities that will get your adrenaline pumping while exploring some of Fiji’s most amazing hidden treasures.

things to do in fiji zip lining

1. Zipline through a Fijian rainforest

Fly through Fiji’s virgin rainforest canopies.

Areas of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu is covered in beautiful mountainous terrain of lush rainforest – perfect for ziplining.  Fly through the tree canopy as you explore some of Fiji’s most spectacular natural flora and fauna.

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things to do in fiji quad bike tours

2. Explore Fiji on two wheels or four

Inland and coastal off-road adventures.

Explore areas of Fiji you didn’t know existed on a quadbike, buggy, ATV or motorbike. Explore lush pine forests and travel through remote villages (they may even invite you in for a traditional kava ceremony). You can even stop at lookouts where you can see the stunning Mamanuca Islands, home to some of Fiji’s best diving.

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things to do in fiji jet boat

3. Take a high speed river jet boating safari

Travel deep into the heart of Fiji on a jet boat.

Get your adrenaline pumping as you zoom along the Sigatoka River in a jet boat past lush rainforests and huge volcanic mountains. Travel deep into the heart and soul of Fiji aboard a custom built high speed safari boat. Fiji action and adventure at it’s best.

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things to do in fiji eco trax bike tours

4. Explore Fiji on an electric bike (on a track)

Electric bicycles mounted on an old railway track – is there any better way to explore Fiji?

Cruising through the picturesque countryside on an electric bicycle mounted on the old sugarcane track has to me one of the most unique and interesting ways to explore Fiji.  While seeing Fiji on an electric bike on a track may not get the adrenaline pumping it will get your heart racing due to the uniqueness of the experience and the beauty of your surrounds. It is suitable for all ages, mobility and fitness levels.

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things to do in fiji diving

5. Dive with Nemo, Dory, Bruce and their mates

Warm water, great visibility and a myriad of beautiful coral and colourful fish – it doesn’t get much better for the dive enthusiast! 

Diving in Fiji is excellent all year round because it is not affected by land run off or large scale weather shifts. During summer (December – March) the water temperature sits between 27-30°C (75-80°F).  Higher water temperatures do increase the oceanic plankton growth which can reduce visibility however only the fussiest of divers would notice. During winter (June – September) the water water temperatures drops to a comfortable 24-27°C (70-75°F). Visibility of more than 100ft (30m) is better during the cooler months. More information about diving in Fiji »

Diving the Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Island region forms a majestic arc of volcanic outcrops which creates two distinctive types of marine environments.  The calm, shallow waters of Mamanuca Lagoon is perfect for novice divers and features lots of coral bommies to explore.  The outer edges has numerous passages where visibility can exceed 35 metres.  Here you’ll find turtles, dolphins, sharks and pelagics. Diving is perfect all year round where water temperatures range from 26-29 C.

Namatu Coral Cay : This spectacular outer reef slope on the edge of a 1,000 metre drop into the Pacific Ocean. Here divers will find abundant fish life including  reef sharks, barracuda and turtles.
Castaway Passage : This large gap in the outer reef allows ocean water to enter the lagoon and divers can see manta rays, sharks, marlin, and other pelagics.
Barrel Heads : A pinnacle rising from the deep, Barrel Heads is home to excellent hard corals, sea fans, reef sharks and turtles.  Lucky divers may also witness large sharks and tuna.
The Supermarket : If a shark encounter is on your bucket list then The Supermarket is a must see.  Here you can swim with grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks.

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Diving Beqa Lagoon

While Fiji boasts many of the world’s best dive spots, Beqa Lagoon is one of it’s most exceptional. Warm water, great visibility and a myriad of beautiful coral and colourful fish – it doesn’t get much better for the dive enthusiast! The large natural lagoon has nearly 100 different dive sites full of colourful reefs and alive with tropical fish, multi-hued soft coral and other marine life. The water is generally calm, clear and warm.

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things to do in fiji surfing

6. Surf world class breaks

Surfing in Fiji is great all year round and you won’t need a wetsuit.

The air temperature is warm-hot and the water doesn’t get  much colder than a balmy 23 degrees.   The Fiji winter (it is the topics so it’s not really ever cold) from April – October produces the biggest waves with conditions ranging from 8-10 foot. During the summer months from November – March, the swells are shorter and winds lighter.  This time of year is probably best for inexperienced surfers when conditions are calmer. More information about surfing Fiji »

Cloudbreak : Located in the stunning Mamanuca Islands, Cloubreak is Fiji’s most famous surf spot. Rated one of the top ten waves in the world, it is on the ‘bucket list’ of most surfers. Depending on the swell direction and power, it can be a long wall with tubing sections, or a very long and critical barrel. Cloudbreak is surfable up to 20ft but is also fun at 2ft. A S-SW swell (the more West the more critcal the wave) with a NE-SE wind make this wave great at any tide. It can be deceptively heavy and if over 6ft is recommended for experienced surfers only. Cloudbreak is located on a sheltered reef, just three miles south of Namotu Island.

Restaurants : Restaurants (also known as Cloudbreak’s little brother) is also rated one of the top ten waves in the world. Not exposed to the same swell as Cloudbreak, it only breaks in a large SW ground swell but when it does, Restaurants is known as perfection in motion. Also located in the Mamanuca chain of islands, Restaurants is best for advanced to expert surfers.

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Frigate Passage : Frigate Passage, or Frigates as it’s affectionately called, fringes a pass on the barrier reef surrounding Beqa Island. It is one of the most consistent surf spots not only in Fiji, but the entire South Pacific. This powerful left-hander breaks over a relatively smooth coral reef.  One of the world’s premier surf breaks, Frigates is conveniently located a 20 minute boat ride from Pacific Harbour on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.

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things to do in fiji cloud 9

7. Float away on Cloud 9

Spend the day on a floating paradise in the middle of a coral reef. 

Experience a day lazing on the sun decks and exploring the surrounding reefs. Enjoy the internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria while surrounded by the turquoise blue waters and picturesque views. Enjoy snorkelling and swimming the warm, tranquil waters surrounding you.  For more information, speak with your Fiji Island Tours travel agent when booking your holiday. More information about Cloud 9 Fiji »

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things to do in fiji sailing

8. Sail through rarely chartered waters

With over 322 islands to explore, where do you want to go today? 

With over 322 islands to explore in a vast 18,376 square kilometres of Pacific Ocean,  a privately chartered sailing boat or motor yacht is one of the most refreshing ways to explore the amazing Fiji archipelago.

Cruising the Fiji Islands suits even the most anxious of sailors. The water is calm, winds are light and the scenery breathtakingly beautiful.  From the water you bear witness to Fiji’s remarkable geography which ranges from volcanic islands with rugged limestone cliffs and lush, uninhabited terrain, to small sand keys where the water is the most amazing aqua blue you’ll ever see.

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things to do in fiji caving

9. Hunt down a 10 headed Fijian cave God

See ancient limestone formations carved over thousands of years.

The Yasawas are a chain of 20 sun-drenched islands stretching northeasterly from the top of the Mamanucas 90 km / 54 miles out into Bligh Water. Their remote locale, white sand beaches, clear blue lagoons and varied terrains make the Yasawas one of the most attractive destinations in Fiji. But it is because of their remoteness that commercial development has never taken hold. Referred to as ‘the very heart of the Yasawas is the the majestic Sawa i lau Caves – a must see for travellers visiting the spectacular Blue Lagoon.  The ancient limestone formations, carved by constant wave action, are hidden within an attractive little island in the Northern Yasawas. The history of the caves is legendary; the story goes that a young Chief once safely settled with his betrothed in the cave after her family threatened to marry her off to a rival Chief. Every day he would swim into this hidden grotto with food for the girl until eventually they both escaped to the safety of another island and to be together forever. The sacred Sawa i lau Caves are also known as the resting place of the ten-headed ancient Fijian god, Ulutini.

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