Yasawa Island experiences.

Unspoilt beaches, crystal clear lagoons, amazing diving and location for the movie Blue Lagoon.

The Yasawas are a chain of 20 sun-drenched islands stretching northeasterly from the top of the Mamanucas 90 km / 54 miles out into Bligh Water. Their remote locale, white sand beaches, clear blue lagoons and varied terrains make the Yasawas one of the most attractive destinations in Fiji. But it is because of their remoteness that commercial development has never taken hold.

Traditionally a backpacking region with just one luxury property for many years, the Yasawas have opened up in the recent past with a number of new properties. The area still has many backpacking and adventure resorts – think diving with the bullsharks from Barefoot Kuata and swimming with Manta Rays from Manta Ray Resort.  You can also take the Yasawa Flyer and island hop staying at one, two, three coconut rated properties. Hop on and off for as long as you like and discover the whole region.
Culturally you will find this region to be more traditional than the closer island chains.  A visit to the Yasawas must include a trip to a local village where you will probably play rugby with the school children, perhaps visit the Church for a Sunday service, and buy some traditional Tapa cloth from the ladies in the village. Talk to the Ratu around the Kava bowl and ask about local legends and customs. You will be fascinated by what you will hear.

The islands are steeped in mystery and legend. The Yasawan people live as they have done for centuries, keeping the spirit of the islands alive with their traditional and simple lifestyle. The southern Yasawas are ruggedly magnificent, while the northern islands frame the famous Blue Lagoon where, as the name suggests, the water is the most inviting shades of blue you will ever see! This area has plenty of activities on offer and is also a great spot for blissful relaxation.

Yasawa Island Resorts
  • Turtle Island Resort : Turtle Island has become known through the world as the ultimate private island getaway where barefoot luxury affords the opportunity to rekindle the soul and fulfill any fantasy.
  • Yasawa Island Resort : Exclusive, private and stunning sum up Yasawa Island Resort. A Fijian Paradise that will leave you relaxed and indulged.
  • Navutu Stars Resort : Navutu /star is a small Boutique Resort spreading along three bays in the Yasawa Islands, where it is possible to experience authentic Fiji in a comfortable, private and inspiring atmosphere.
  • Nanuya Resort : White sandy beach, fabulous snorkeling, amazing diving only minutes away.

Things to do and see when visiting the Yasawa Islands

The Blue Lagoon

Famous for its beauty, the area in the Yasawa Islands, known as the ‘Blue Lagoon’, is ringed by islands with soft rolling peaks. Coconut palms line the whitest sandy beaches you have ever seen and the water is a mix of aqua and turquoise, so stunning that you’ll want to dive right in and discover the coral reefs below! It was in this region that the original movie ‘Blue Lagoon’, starring Jean Simmons and Lloyd Bridges was filmed. Blue Lagoon Cruises was named after the movie.

Nanuya Lailai

In the midst of the Blue Lagoon is what we consider to be the jewel of the Yasawas, Nanuya Lailai. Dotted with palm trees and surrounded by a coral lagoon, the island is truly one of Fiji’s gems.  The surrounding waters are alive with colourful fish and coral.

Sawa i lau Caves

Referred to as ‘the very heart of the Yasawas’, the majestic Sawa i lau Caves are one of the ‘must-do’ activities for travellers visiting Fiji’s spectacular Blue Lagoon. The ancient limestone formations, carved by constant wave action, are hidden within an attractive little island in the northern Yasawas. The history of the caves is legendary; the story goes that a young Chief once safely settled with his betrothed in the cave after her family threatened to marry her off to a rival Chief. Every day he would swim into this hidden grotto with food for the girl until eventually they both escaped to the safety of another island and to be together forever. The sacred Sawa i lau Caves are also known as the resting place of the ten-headed ancient Fijian god, Ulutini.


As well as popular Fiji water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking, the Yasawas are great for sailing. Experience the stunning islands from on board a floating hotel/cruise ship or a chartered sailing boat. Swimming, fishing, village visits and campfire barbeques are common activities for cruises.

Yasawa Island Cruises

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Blue Lagoon Cruises offer a modern fleet and the best way to be introduced to the Islands of Fiji. Blue Lagoon Cruises have been credited with being amongst the founders of modern day tourism in the Fiji Islands. The company pioneered cruising through the brilliantly beautiful Yasawa Islands some 50 years ago. Today they have a modern fleet and offer the best way to be introduced to the Islands of Fiji, the culture and the people whilst enjoying the luxury of an air-conditioned motor yacht. Each cruises of varying length offers a rare insight into remote villages and glorious beaches and a glimpse of Fiji of older times with deceptions of local cultures and history. Blue Lagoon Cruise offers access to areas not available to other travelers. All meals are served either on-board or at the company’s own private island.

Captain Cook Cruises


If you are looking for a unique way to experience the Fiji Islands then look no further than Captain Cook Cruises. Captain Cook Cruises is a family-owned, Australian ‘small ship’ cruise operator and the recipient of numerous awards including Australian, New South Wales, Tropical North Queensland and South Australian `Tourism Awards for Excellence’, Fiji Visitors Bureau `Best Cruise Line’, and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents `Best Cruise Line’.

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