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Fiji is made up of 333 islands and is one of the most exciting places in the world to explore. Here you will discover yourself and the peace and tranquility which, after a holiday among her people, will remain with you for a lifetime. Fiji offers a vast choice of holiday accommodation ranging from luxury five star hotels to small, intimate, remote island hideaways which are equal to the best in the world. Whatever your preference – we know them all and can offer you a range of options that will match your specific requirements and budget. For advice on the best places to stay and local resorts near where you want to explore, contact our specialist Fiji travel agents.

fiji food and restaurant dining

The food in Fiji will ignite your senses and excite your palette.

Fiji food and cuisine. Fijian cuisine is an eclectic melting pot of local and international flavours. A mix of flavours conceived from a long history of cultures who have arrived upon the Fijian shores over hundreds of years. Picture a fully stocked smorgasbord overflowing with food and an almost overwhelming array of choice. Or imagine […]

fiji market shopping

Local markets – shopping in Fiji the traditional way

Fiji markets are an overload on the senses and a great example of Fiji at work When visiting a traditional marketplace in Fiji you’ll delight in complete sensory overload – the aromas of different herbs and spices, the sound of several languages being spoken at once, the sight of vibrant flowers and the freshest seafood straight from […]

fiji beach cruises

Things to do in the Yasawa Islands Fiji.

Unspoilt beaches, crystal clear lagoons, amazing diving and location for the movie Blue Lagoon. The Yasawas are a chain of 20 sun-drenched islands stretching northeasterly from the top of the Mamanucas 90 km / 54 miles out into Bligh Water. Their remote locale, white sand beaches, clear blue lagoons and varied terrains make the Yasawas […]

fiji weather

Fiji Weather – what’s the weather like in Fiji?

There are two seasons in Fiji – warm and even warmer with temperatures ranging between 26°C – 31°C. Depending upon what you are seeking from your Fiji holiday will determine what time of year best suits your requirements. From April to early October the sun isn’t quite as hot nor the humidity as high. The days are warm […]