Fiji food and cuisine.

Fijian cuisine is an eclectic melting pot of local and international flavours. A mix of flavours conceived from a long history of cultures who have arrived upon the Fijian shores over hundreds of years.

Picture a fully stocked smorgasbord overflowing with food and an almost overwhelming array of choice. Or imagine a delicate a-la-carte meal that is so carefully composed it seems a shame to disturb its perfection. Savour the smell of freshly picked tropical fruits bursting with sweetness, or the aroma of an eclectic mix of herbs and spices melding together to create something conceived in a far off land. Imagine the woody touch of the coconut cut from the tree right outside your bure. Or the freshness of the seafood caught from the ocean that very morning. And finally, the taste… we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Fijian cuisine, in its freshness and depth of variety, will ignite every one of your senses and excite your palette at every turn.

Whether dining at your hotel, an island resort or “in town”, you’ll find a palate painted by flavours from India, China, Korea, Japan, Italy and the best of Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific waters.

Restaurant selection & culinary theme nights

fiji food kokoda

Most 4-5 star Fiji resorts will offer a selection of dining and restaurant choices ranging from elegant fine dining, to large family-friendly restaurants, casual eateries and 24 hour coffee shops. Steaks and local seafood can be found in most restaurants as can the specialties of traditional Fijian cooking heritage. Culinary theme nights are popular where you can experience the festivities (and sheer excess of food) of a traditional Fijian feast and Fiji’s best known and pervasive outdoor cooking experience – the Lovo.

The Lovo is an underground oven of heated rocks used to cook a variety of foods wrapped in banana leaves, covered with earth and coming out after several hours of cooking with a faintly smoky flavour.  Lovos produce succulent, tender meats, chicken, seafood, and given the proper occasion, a whole suckling pig!

You also shouldn’t leave Fiji without having experienced other traditional Fijian dishes, kokoda.  This Fijian specialty comprises portions of fresh fish marinated in lime juice and served in a half coconut in lolo – a word that sounds as sweet as it taste- made from the sweet cream of the coconut, a staple in Fijian cooking. Or savor a palusami, meat wrapped in taro (dalo) leaves and cooked in lolo.

Fine dining in Fiji

fiji fine dining restaurants

The fine dining experience in Fiji has matured to rival the best world’s best travel destinations and, depending where you stay, guests are often spoiled for choice when it comes to the selection of restaurants available. Usually set in a spectacular beachfront or poolside location, an evening spent dining at a five star Fijian restaurant becomes a smorgasbord of not only food, but also the natural panorama before them. On Denarau Island local chefs are renowned for their infusion of modern techniques and traditional cooking methods. At some restaurants, you get a bird’s eye view of the kitchen and can watch the chefs as they prepare your food. On the outer islands, produce is sourced fresh from cultivated onsite gardens. Let us know if you would like a personal tour and we’ll speak to our resort contacts.  Intimate, private dining experiences can also be arranged at most resorts where it’s just you, a few candles and a blanket of stars above. It truly doesn’t get much better!

Fiji cooking classes

fiji cooking classes

To counteract the decadence of the fine dining experience and for something completely different, head to the local markets to gain an insight into Fijian food in its raw form.  Immerse yourself in the Nadi or Suva markets where you’ll find a plethora of fruit, vegetables and seafood. A Fijian market isn’t like those you’ve experienced in other parts of the world where it’s a frenzy of hurried exchanges and transactions. The Fijian marketplace is a more laid back affair in keeping with the relaxed attitude of the locals (familiarise yourself with the term ‘Fiji Time’).  If you’re staying one of the resorts with self-catering facilities, before you set off to your resort we recommend you stock up on local produce from the local markets. Why not take a Fiji cooking class beforehand? Flavours of Fiji Cooking School run half day cooking classes where you are taught to cook ‘the Fijian way’.  Learn about the local food culture while enjoying a unique culinary experience.

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Fiji is the most perfect place on earth.  The islands and their waters are pure and pristine, just as they were generations ago.  The sands are white, the waters warm and the tropical rainforest is lush and shady.  Fiji offers everything from total relaxation to fun adventure. The Fijian people are welcoming and friendly, and they encourage you to enjoy their island home.  They are family oriented and find joy in helping you celebrate your time in Fiji. Throughout the Fiji Islands, you will find a friendliness experienced nowhere else in the world.

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