The food in Fiji will ignite your senses and excite your palette.

Fijian cuisine is an eclectic melting pot of local and international flavours. A mix of flavours conceived from a long history of cultures who have arrived upon the Fijian shores over hundreds of years.

Picture a fully stocked smorgasbord overflowing with food and an almost overwhelming array of choice. Or imagine a delicate a-la-carte meal that is so carefully composed it seems a shame to disturb its perfection. Savour the smell of freshly picked tropical fruits bursting with sweetness, or the aroma of an eclectic mix of herbs and spices melding together to create something conceived in a far off land. Imagine the woody touch of the coconut cut from the tree right outside your bure. Or the freshness of the seafood caught from the ocean that very morning. And finally, the taste… we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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